It’s official…

…I was a “bloomie.” (What a horrible nickname)

[via Spokesman Review]

Why yes, yes I did successfully complete my first Bloomsday. Feel free to be proud of me. I ran more than I have since elementary school PE (and still definitely walked at least 2 miles of the 12km course).

I estimated my time at 2 hours, a little overshooting the mark considering it usually takes me an hour to do a ~4 mile loop to a park near my house (probably 1/3 of which is spent walking). In the end I came out at 1:33:19, which, as a friend pointed out, is not bad at all for someone who couldn’t run a mile a few months ago. 🙂 Go me.

Another avid runner who encourages my “running” endeavours asked if I thought I would do another race. Although I enjoy getting a free t-shirt and feeling accomplished…between the crowd and the fact that I could (but arguably wouldn’t) do the same thing without being out $15, it seems unlikely to be something I will seek out. That said, it probably wouldn’t take much for someone to convince me to do another. I think if anything, my next goal would be to run the entirety of a 5k. I can’t decide if that’s actually a goal though. It’s slightly more likely that I’ll continue my pursuit of a smattering of activities to participate in (excelling in none) and get rid of the $100 I set aside to buy climbing shoes. And ask my sister to bring over my bike when she comes this weekend. And make sure I go kayaking this summer.

The lack of focus seems to be a theme lately. Maybe I should go for a run, because that’s one thing I like about running. It engages my mind (that whole mind-over-matter, I-can-will-myself-through-the-discomfort business) while allowing me to stop thinking and flitting from subject to subject.

Another aspect of this pursuit of focus, I have realized/decided/admitted is sleep. Of which I have been decidedly lacking of late, last night especially.


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