this is day one

you know that claustrophobia you sometimes feel? everyone does at some point, i am convinced.

whether the bedclothes are clinging and you can’t free yourself, or you’re two again and constrained by the straps of a car seat, or your feet begin to panic and think they will never free themselves of the confining snowboard boots.

that’s how blogging feels lately. like trying to pick what to say or how to limit my thoughts to the box of a post is tantamount to squeezing a hairdryer into a suitcase that has only just and barely been zipped shut.

i think that’s why i periodically like twitter better. the character limitation poses a strict enough limitation to suit my scattered thoughts. like a straightjacket (at least in the movies) seems to work. and no, i didn’t just make that analogy – you imagined it.

here are some things i almost blogged about today and didn’t. one of them i tweeted. one of them i started writing as a blog post on the bus ride home.

  •   being present in life
  •   “where were you when _____”
  •   i was rick rolled on wikipedia. awesome.
  •   thinking of how the grass is always greener, and then in the fashion of a friend of mine who is known as the human jukebox, promptly followed that with the children’s chorus “and the green grass grows all around, all around, and the green grass grows all around”

yes. the green grass does grow all around. sometimes you just have to look at your feet to see it.


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