This is an illustration of life. It was not intended to be so when I took the picture; I was just playing around and seeing if I could get the settings right.

But if you think about it, some parts of life gush by and end up an indistinct blur. For the most part, the water drops are indistinct from each other. And then there’s some solid objects that don’t move. Rocks and the like. There are also fallen logs and plants. These come and go, but at times their presence is fixed and clear.

Whether I consider this to be a beautiful description of life, or one that is too careless and inattentive to the details depends on the day. Sometimes I think that I need to make the most of every moment I am awake – which, yes, to an extent. But these recurrent activities that underpin life – doing laundry, taking an afternoon off to watch a movie, eating breakfast, balancing the budget – they happen (and they have to happen), and they don’t need to be exciting.

There is no key to contentment.
(which reminds me of a book we had as a child that I can’t pinpoint except that it was illustrated and there was a big tree in the middle of a gated garden, and there were ~4 keys the characters had to find before they could get in. My sister will be back in the country in the next hour; she may know.)

Or maybe the big picture is that Jesus is the key, and the up close and personal of being content yourself is like standing before Monet and Degas at the Musee d’Orsay and marvelling at the differing brush strokes.

Life is too short to pause and think whether analogies make sense before post them every time you type one up. So there you go.


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