Becoming who we are

So far I’ve been knocking things off my to-do list for September (which leads me to think that more items may need to be added).

  • Rubik’s Cube? In a shopping cart tab waiting to be purchased
  • Exercise? Went running yesterday and the day before (at least as much as I was able) and am planning to do the same tonight. Who am I?
  • Flight to San Diego? Check! First weekend of October
    • Flight to Minnesota? Check! Third weekend of October
  • Massage? Scheduled!
  • Language? Mm not so much, but I have been routinely checking a website to find out when the Icelandic courses at the nearby Nordic History Museum are going to be offered to see if they’ll fit in my weekly schedule.
  • Write? It hasn’t been happening to the extent it should, but there’s been more of it lately.
  • Pray? I’m not being as intentional as I want to be (this is a good reminder), but I have been increasingly reminded to lean on Jesus.

As phenomenal as the consistently sunny & 70-80* weather has been, September has been a little rough. It’s good to have some October trips to look forward to.


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