NaNo 2011: Day 1

I started the month off by writing 400+ words around midnight.

Oh, what am I writing? Literary fiction. Plot details will be sparse on this blog at this point, I’m afraid.

I didn’t work on it all day, and then got back into it in the evening (instead of going climbing. I have a cold, and figured rest (and writing) would be a wiser choice). @NaNoWordSprints was helpful in boosting the wordcount.

Today’s Goal: 2000
Achieved: 2001
Sentence of the day: By noon the white masts of the invisible ship had lifted, and the sky reminded natives and tourists alike of the color blue chose when it picked its name.

How I feel: I made my wordcount, but it took a lot of skipping around and random paragraphs to get there. The novel doesn’t have a cohesive feel, and I don’t know where I’m going.


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