Nano 2011: Day 2

Don’t think I made any progress until around 6pm today. Didn’t even really think about the novel, which was a slightly poor decision for when I started writing, was very burdened by the lack of clear direction. Granted, I kind of had a vision, but it was hazy and unclear. So instead of powering through the 3000 words I wanted to write, I took a break to get food and shower etc.

It was just the break I needed, for in that time I found my main character shifting, a plot evolving, and even the genre changing (thankfully it’s only day 2). Pretty sure the genre is closer to sci-fi now, but literary fic will be decently present throughout. I’m not sure how long the story is. I have a potential “halfway” point…unless that’s the climax. I guess we’ll see.

Really interesting to see how drastically my perspective swings from moment to moment. Sometimes 50k words seems like nothing and I’m amazed at almost being 10% done – I haven’t gotten anywhere yet! And other times it’s SO much time in which there is so little to make happen and I wonder how I’ll ever come up with that many words. Then I think of the novel I finished (and should probably re-read and revise), and those 50,000 words happened. This 50,000 can too.

Today’s Goal: 5001
Achieved: 4271
Words Written: 2270
Sentence of the day:
I was on a caravan through the Milky Way galaxy when I started my novel.

How I feel: I like where the story is going now and I’m optimistic about continuing a couple scenes I have going. Sad I’m not pushing through to meet my goal, but I still increased my lead over the needed wordcount for the day.


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