Nano 2011: Day 5

Today’s Goal: hit 9000 (aka write 3397 words)
Words Written: 3452
Sentence of the day:
Then the next thing I remember is wakin’ up on the porch wit’ the dumb dog lickin’ my face and the sun shinin’ in my eyes is what!

How I feel: Even though I didn’t start writing until 5 or so, today was productive, and I hit my desired word count so I feel good about that. There’s still a lot of fragments, but I’m slowly pulling them together. One thing with Nano is I have a hard time gauging how slow to take the story…I don’t want to be too slow so that my steady pace to get 50k words doesn’t finish the story, and I don’t want to go too fast so that it gets done before I hit 50k.
Soundtrack: This is War album by 30 Seconds from Mars


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