An interlude

I slept some ten hours last night (I won’t say from when to when), and I could still take a nap now. Since I’ve spent a good portion of the past hour or so reading mom blogs, I feel sufficiently sheepish of my kid-less ability to do whatever I want whenever I want.

Since I didn’t go out with friends today, and I (currently) have no plans to do so later, I should be using this as the opportunity that it is to catch up on words and get ahead.

Perhaps what I should do is take a shower and decamp to a coffee shop where my guilt at only buying one drink will motivate me to write prolifically in under two hours.

My house is a little bit of a mess. And by little I actually do mean little. I did laundry a few days ago so my room isn’t a disaster. And I haven’t been motivated to cook much for myself so the dishes in the sink are mostly gladware.

See, the thing about Nanowrimo is it does motivate me to write. But rarely am I motivated to write the thing I am supposed to be writing. More often it’s this business of gee, I should be writing, let me write about what I am doing instead of writing.

What I am not doing is pigging out. When I’m feeling under the weather (which seems to be waning into a general state of fatigue and oh-I’m-still-not-better-yet), I am far less motivated to make food. Which is not to say I’m terribly motivated other days of the week, but the probability is higher. Maybe some food would perk me up. I have plenty of carbs in the pantry,  although to be honest none are terribly appetizing at the moment. It’s also tough, being sick, because I should eat things that will help me get better, or at least not throw up road blocks for my immune system. So between not eating and eating ice cream…which is the greater evil? I’m not sure.

And now, here’s a photo from yesterday to thank you for your trouble and needlessly apologize for however prolifically I procrastinate and thus blog.


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