Nano 2011: Day 6

Today’s Goal: write 2000 words (hit 11,055)
Words Written: 1683
Sentence of the day:
Clementine looked like she wanted some quality time with a trash bin or toilet, but Matt was fixated on my story, so I continued.

How I feel: tired. It’s remained consistent (even on the weekend) that I don’t start writing until late in the day…I’m still (mostly) able to produce the word count I need. Fell short of the goal today, which feels a little like a waste of a weekend (as far as nano is concerned). But oh well. I have other things that need to be done as well, so putting the novel aside is okay. As the document gets bigger and I still jump around a lot in what part I’m writing, so it’s getting harder to remember what I wrote each individual day. Also discovered today that things might be getting even more sci-fi-y. Not sure what to do with that. I guess it just means even more revision should I come to that point sometime post-November.


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