Nano 2011: Day 7

You know it’s not going to be a good writing day when you’d rather blog about writing your novel than write your novel. And I don’t see tomorrow as being productive either, so this is a bad sign. Maybe part of the lack of motivation is due to the gaping hole where my plot is supposed to be (and the fact that I think come revision time, this will actually become two completely separate pieces). I have the first climax…but I don’t know where it goes after that. And although I have things that still need to be written in the beginning part, it’s hard to lead up to something when you don’t know what you’re leading up to.

Today’s Goal: hit 13,000 (write 2262)
11,167 (ah, so we’re hitting the mid-week flatline already…awesome)
Words Written: 426 (lowest to date)
Sentence of the day:
The air was still and clear, but the chirping of crickets and frogs ascended from the fringes in an almost tangible chorus.

How I feel: Unmotivated. Even though my novel comes up unnecessarily in conversation…I’m having conversations, which is to say, I am not letting the deadline interfere with this business of having a life. This too shall pass (we hope).


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