Nano 2011: Day 9

Today was pretty great. I attempted my first 1000 words in 30 minutes and succeeded! (1110 in 27 minutes, even!) That was pretty great.

So not only did I get home later than usual, but I worked out AND got caught up on my word count. Awesome. I set a high goal with the intention of having plans tomorrow, but I’m not positive I have plans, and I’m really tired and need to go to bed. So, although I think I could pull more words out, I’m going to put that off for tomorrow. The scene will still be there.

Today’s Goal: write 3000 words (16,013 total)
Words Written: 2013
Sentence of the day:
I thought the response felt a lot like laughter, followed by a short burst that reminded me of bubbles.

How I feel: Good. The story has taken unexpected turns, but these turns are making it easier to write, so not complaining. This weekend I’d like to go back and get the first section finished off, because that’s still pretty fragmented even though yesterday and today I was primarily writing stuff from the second section. (And on an unrelated note, I’m making progress on goals/to-do items in the rest of my life, so as I’m less stressed about that, I’m less stressed in general, which makes for a better experience of life all around.)


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