Nano 2011: Day 10

Oh my gosh. Tomorrow I am going to get up early and do a 1k sprint before work. Because I did not make my goal today, not for lack of ability but because writing prolifically in a short period of time (however poor the writing is) does have an exhausting effect. And so I don’t want to write more, so I do other stuff, then it gets late and I still have words that are needed. But I push through, and write! Even though I’m zoning out, I am writing. But oh, wait. That troubleshooting issue I was working on most of the day at work? How did that get into my head? Why am I thinking about that? Bring the focus back, bring the focus back. What am I writing? About people traveling across the universe, right? Wait, what did I just write?

“But the point is that even if they are on their way, we already know that it takes a significant amount of work to resolve the users’ problem.”

I want to keep the sentence because I wrote it and it’s hilarious, but it doesn’t make any sense at all (in context). I’ll keep it for now and fix it tomorrow. And finish the day below par, but I’m so tired.

Today’s Goal: 17,500 (write 2474)
Words Written: 1612
Sentence of the day:
But then it’s not like we expected to find intergalactic transport waiting in the backyard.

How I feel: Tired. Glad I again powered through >1000 words in 30 minutes. Wishing I’d gotten closer to my day’s target. Thinking I need to go back and finish up the first section and stop working on the plot for a day or two. Gonna be so many plot holes. And I really need to get ahead this weekend.

Also, in case you’re wondering, 16,638 words looks like 42 (ah, perfect) pages. Single spaced (double between paragraphs) with some white space between unfinished sections. So more like 40 pages. It’s starting to take longer to save the document. Ah, noveling.


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