Nano 2011: Day 11

So I went climbing and then got Chinese food and had ridiculous conversation about snakes and wild animals and running pants and baking.
Way more fun than sitting at home upping the word count.

And I’m rather tired, and tomorrow night I’ll be out again, sooo I think I’ll go to bed and see about getting up at a decent time. Then writing. And maybe going to Target…because that’s been on my to-do list for a while.

Today’s Goal: 19004 (write 2366)
Words Written: 519
Sentence of the day:
The room felt airy and almost weightless, like I was just imagining the space that surrounded me.

How I feel: Unexcited about how much I need/want to write tomorrow.  I just want to be done. Nanowrimo does a great job at demonstrating how one can simultaneously really love and really hate something.


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