Nano 2011: Day 13

I was going to say I didn’t write much yesterday, but looking at my stats chart (I like keeping track of how many words I write almost as much as I like writing the words) apparently I wrote 2110. Not bad, if still under the 2847 I needed to get back on schedule.

Today, as with almost every day thus far, it took me a while to get going but I had a great sprint (728 words in 15 minutes) which kicked things off nicely. There was also a lovely go with 278 words in 3 minutes (I love @NaNoWordSprints). I’m happy to report that I’m filling in some of the holes in the first section, and the white space between scenes is growing smaller as I’m piecing things together so I can focus all my attention on the sci-fi portion of the novel (namely the  last part).

Today’s Goal: 21,671 (write 2404)
Words Written: 2431
Sentence of the day: 
What proceeded was something that seemed to cross the imitation of an octopus and a strange dance unlike anything I’d seen before.

Since I’m bored of picking a sentence every day, I would like you to pick a page # & sentence #. And if for some reason multiple people respond, I’ll pick whichever is most interesting or amusing. (If the number of either chosen exceeds the available sentences or pages (for example you choose page 60 but I only have 58), I’ll go with the last available (the 58th page).

How I feel:It’s unfortunate I didn’t get ahead this weekend, but such is life. I remain optimistic that I will finish since I’m doing a decent job of moving the story along at an appropriate (not too slow/fast) pace and catching up when I fall behind.


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