hello again

It seems disingenuous to come back to something so long neglected without an apology, or sheepish shrug at least.

For all the purpose this blog lacks, it keeps drawing me back.

Maybe it’s a metaphor for my life. (let me know if you figure it out; I haven’t yet.)

See, even now, I and this post cannot decide what to make of it. Does it want to tell you some things about me? (I sporadically visit my own about page and am each time caught delightfully off guard at how apt and comprehensively lovely it remains.) Should snatch a fistful of words and sculpt them into a being?

It’s hard to write something on demand.

Maybe I should let go and wander into the stream of consciousness. Though it’s often muddy and mundane.

This blog perhaps needs renaming. (But I so love the word sparsile.)

Indeed, I cannot say why you follow this blog or from whence you came. There is nothing consistent and no guarantees are offered. Even now at the end of this post, I have no more to offer than I did at the beginning. But I’ll probably keep posting. So if you come back, I might have come back too.


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