The essence of unemployment

Today I:

  • Saw the crescent moon and its accompanying star. I’m not sure which it is right now.
  • Learned the difference between þ and ð (Icelandic). They both sound like “th”, but it’s the subtle difference between the buzzing “th” in “this” and the puff-of-air “th” in “think”. I could be wrong.
  • Reorganized all my stuff in the bathroom and cleaned out a few bottles that were buried and unused and probably past prime.
  • Finished reading The Marriage Plot.
  • Watched an movie that was interesting but not recommend-able (Hesher, but remember, I don’t recommend it for the R rating that is primarily due to incredibly crude language
  • Failed to cross anything off my to do list
  • Played Words With Friends

Tomorrow I will:

  • Work out after I get up (either run or do 30 Day Shred in my living room)
  • Have lunch with Kasey at the new hot dog place that just opened down the way
  • Cross off my to-do list the bit about figuring out what to do with the 401k I have to close out
  • Write. A blog post, or the essay I found on Friday, or something to do with that thing resembling a novel that I wrote
  • Attend community group

Wednesday I might:

  • Receive a job offer
  • Cry when I watch The Return of the King

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