The road goes ever on

We haven’t left yet, but I miss this place.

This morning was the culmination of all things hosting-my-sister-in-law’s-bridal-shower. It went well, if I do say so myself.


And tonight is our (albeit early) going away party. With wedding festivities (and packing) and such next month, it was the opportune moment. So as our bedroom is a mess (everything extraneous got dumped there) and the living room is still a little bare apart from decorations, I realize now comes the business of getting rid of bookshelves and packing everything

We’re moving in t-minus 4 weeks (wedding in 3 weeks, bachelorette in 2 weeks, H’s birthday in 1 week…holy moly).

It was hitting me the first week of the month (must have been particularly nice then), walking to and from the bus on work days, I am going to miss the mountains when we’re living in the Midwest.

And I knew while I was moving in, 11 months ago, that I would cry to leave this apartment.


Seattle has been good to me (flooded apartment fiasco of 2012 aside). I trust St. Louis will be too; I’ll have my two best friends – God & H. I won’t have the mountains, but they’ll see me for holidays.


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