Hitting walls

I’m tired of moving boxes and of shuffling items from one box to another. I can rationally understand that it’s not reasonable to expect, one week and one day after moving in, that I’ll be at the point of hanging decorations and arranging knick-knacks.

But that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.


It really doesn’t help the whole adjusting process, having my surroundings in even more flux than they were the month leading up to D-Day (Departure Day) in Seattle.

In the grand scheme of things we’ll be unpacked before you know it (and for that matter we’ll be moving again before you know it).

…but today we’re not unpacked. I need to move a bookshelf into a room, but the room is full of boxes that I can’t unpack until the bookshelf is there. And I can’t decide where to put the bookshelf until the boxes are out of the room so I can actually see the room and not just how much it can hold.

Progress is slower than I’d like, but it’s there nonetheless.

I ate half a pint of raspberries, a healthy salad for dinner and no ice cream. Looks like I’ve gotta take progress where I can find it.


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