DIY: life in St Louis

I haven’t fallen in love with St. Louis yet (does anyone ever?)

But I’ll grant that I haven’t done much outside of compare prices of the local Shop ‘n’ Save vs. Aldi vs. Trader Joe’s. I did sign up for a library card, and I picked up my first two books this afternoon. (I’m halfway through Where’d You Go Bernadette, which I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as everyone else has, and while I’m slightly more amused that anticipated, my expectations are largely holding true.)

On the plus side:

There are fireflies! Not a lot, and I haven’t bothered to try to take a photo yet, but it’s an exiting thing for someone from the northwest, where I’m pretty sure nary a firefly exists.

Got our first tornado warning under our belts (wasn’t even windy here, so it was pretty much a non-event, other than determining that we can hear the sirens at our place)

The thunder is loud and pretty cool.

The World Cup! (I got into it in 2010 because the family in Panama was into it. It’s a strange sort of full-circle to be watching it again, four years having passed, and being in a new [as-good-as-foreign] place that sometimes reminds me of Panama)

H made a sweet closet rack to augment our dearth of closet space. I showed him this pipe coat rack DIY, and he came up with this:

2014-06-14 16.02.58-2


On the less-than-great side:

It’s rained a lot since we’ve been here (might as well have stayed in Seattle).

Yes, it’s humid (we went to a Farmer’s Market this morning – probably the first time wandering around outside in 80-90* weather + humidity in a while – and it took me half a day to get over feeling light-headed. Yes I’m drinking more water now.)

And because it’s humid, spending much time outside is little to no fun. And last Sunday when I tried to sit on the back porch for a bit to read, came away with some bug bites whose itchiness lasted waaaay too long (I think today was the first day I didn’t feel the need to scratch my elbow or ankle.)



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