We have a backyard

Folks have asked for photos of the place…problem is it’s still not put together. Granted, whether it’s my house or life, things are never all put together. All the same, I’d still like to get the lightbulbs and batteries cleared off the dining room table before sending out photos of the dining room.

So as a conciliatory gesture, here’s a few images from the backyard.


St. Louis surprised me by being green. It rained a lot the first few weeks we were here, and there are luscious trees in abundance. I haven’t wandered too far outside the city, but I imagine once you get into farm country, corn and wheat give the land a browner hue.

The windchimes were left by a previous tenant or the owner. When it’s not too hot or humid outside, I’ll leave my office window open rather than crank the air conditioning. The musical notes, chirping birds, and occasional squirrel scrambling through the bushes make for a nice soundtrack.

Flowers don’t seem to last long here (I took the photo of the lilies last week and they’ve already wilted), but they’re some unexpected sunshine.


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