Bittersweet holidays

To be honest, it was a bittersweet weekend. With Friday off and the country’s birthday to celebrate, we spent the evening of the fourth over margaritas with new (to me) friends and good conversation. Cheers to that.

On days off when routine falls by the wayside though, it’s easier to think of what we’re missing.

July 4, 2011 – H and I attended the same rooftop party in Seattle (possibly at different times, as our paths didn’t cross).


July 4, 2012 – it was the second time H and I hung out together. It wasn’t technically a date, but on another rooftop in Seattle, H reached for my hand as the fireworks started and didn’t let go until long after the roof had been been deserted by our friends.

[photo by scott o’malley]

Seattle seems to be everywhere in media lately. Videos going viral on facebook (or maybe just viral among my large contingent of Seattle-based friends).

Magazines extolling the wonder of the Pacific Northwest…

[screenshot from rue magazine]

Here’s to Seattle and great memories. The Pacific Northwest that will always feel like home. New adventures and making something out of the three years we’ll be in St. Louis.


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