a quick pat on the back

it’s been a good weekend so far…which is to say it’s been productive.

last night we finished booking places to stay in scotland, since we’ll be arriving there in t-minus TWELVE days. apart from packing, that’s kind of the last big thing. hopefully we’ll make some good lists of things we might do while we’re there, and print out our itineraries/directions etc (since no cell service + driving on the right left side of the road + a folding map of the country = adventure/lots of turning around).

last night i also made a favorite meal and a cake (which we decided to call a coffee cake and have with, yes, coffee, this morning) and we finished off season two of doctor who.

even though rose isn’t my favorite companion, and doomsday doesn’t cause spontaneous sobbing…it’s still pretty heartbreaking.


but continuing the productivity…today it was nice to have breakfast already made when we got up, and i was tackling my goal of yardwork by 9:45 (which is making great time, for me, on a weekend). spent an hour sweeping, weeding, watering, etc…really makes me appreciate the work that goes into keeping a place up! and the necessity of having good equipment – a wider broom would have gotten things done much quicker.

then, after returning to the air conditioned house, decided a break would be nice and i made some great progress on getting the feedly reader caught up and sending emails. and now it’s only noon! hopefully more productivity to come later this afternoon, possibly even another blog about my trip to memphis last weekend. 🙂

happy saturday!


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