I started my first personal website in August 2002, and blogging has held me in its fickle sway ever since then. Things have changed a lot in the world of the internet since 2002. Things have changed a lot in my world too; I grew up.

What was “Skygazing” and hosted on friends’ websites became “Sparsile” and moved to WordPress. “Into the Road” came about when I travelled in Europe for a semester of college. I blogged in fits and spurts, and the muses trickled dry shortly before I met my now husband.

As we, less than a year married, embark on a new adventure – he in graduate school and we in a new (rather foreign, to be honest) state, it seemed the time to resume the writing.

And so, now the blog is “Faire” – the French word meaning to make or do. It’s used in conjunction with other verbs to discuss action. For now, that’s what I’m working toward…makingdoing, seeking more than passive acceptance of the days as they pass by without remark.

Words are in my blood, and a blog gives me the impetus to practice my craft and perhaps keep friends and family updated on our adventures.

It took me probably 6 months to decide that I would return to blogging. I’ll save you the pro’s and con’s I ran through, but suffice it to say, this is a work in progress. It’s undefined and, much like my nanowrimo novels, will likely end up far differently than I anticipated. Blogs, like characters, seem to take on lives of their own. So let’s breathe life into this and see what happens.


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