Nano 2011: Day 4

Another oops sort of day. Instead of staying in for the evening as my calendar had forecasted, I went out to dinner and watched a movie with friends, getting home around 1. On the bright side, dinner conversation did include my novel, and the course of discussion allowed for some further development, which is exciting. So even if my word count has now fallen below par, I am still making progress?

Today’s Goal: 2000 new words (7004 total)
Achieved: 5603
Words Written: 602
Sentence of the day:
She came to sit in the corner of a doorway every morning with a wire cart pulled behind her, matching her slow steps with a rhythmic squeeeak-chh-hh.

How I feel: I’m still optimistic about the story. Need to work on a better pitch for it when it comes up in conversation. Also need to see about writing it. One down side of thinking it up as I’m writing it (and not editing) is the fact that I’m kind of stuck with whatever I’ve written…so there are already things I can see might have changed if I were revising, but oh well. I should just make notes and revise later. If I don’t make awesome progress tomorrow I might start to get worried about achieving the word county, simply by virtue of the fact that I remain unlikely to skip social opportunities in order to write.


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